Exhibitions – Mind you P’s, P’s and S’s

What are they key points, when you’ve decided to participate in an exhibition in order to get a return on your investment ?
In my opinion they come down to : P for product (or service), P for Personnel and S for Stand.
Exhibitions are an ideal showcase for your company, not just for creating awareness for your products and services, but also for generating live leads and most importantly, sales.

So … you’ve made the decision to spend your money on exhibition space. Now…. are you going to waste that money or ensure that it is spent wisely. Assuming your products and services are the same the day before the exhibition as they are on the actual days of the exhibition, the only questions that remain are; HOW you present them and WHO will present them on your behalf.

You’d be surprised the amount of companies that spend a lot of money on exhibition space only to have their image tarnished by a poorly presented stand. Remember, you will have the opportunity to meet actual and relevant potential customers. Putting up a few posters, maybe a pull up banner unit and a bowl of sweets would be akin to putting on an old suit, with odd socks and scuffed shoes – it might do, but what will it really do for your companies image ?

Equally so, some companies are guilty of not understanding the importance in ensuring that quality informed staff man the exhibition stand. Very often, junior or mid ranked sales staff are despached with senior executives electing to stay in the office to deal with ‘ the important existing clients’. Lifeblood for a company is expansion and winning new clients. Remenber lads, an exhibition is like a championship match – SEND OUT YOUR FIRST TEAM.